Thank you for applying or nominating for a JEA award. 

To submit an award application, create a submittable account. This is not tied to your JEA account. Through your Submittable account you will be able to complete the award submission form in stages and your progress is saved. 

All parts of the award submission form must be completed by the award deadline to be eligible. 

This $1,000 annual award goes to a JEA member whose work has actively supported, defended, and fought for student journalists and their advisers on the local, state or national level.

Sister Rita Jeanne Scholarships, named for JEA’s longtime treasurer, recognize the top high school journalists in the country. The contest begins at the state level. Winning portfolios from state Journalist of the Year competitions are eligible for the JEA scholarship, which awards $3,000 to the top winner and $1,000 each for up to four runners-up. This form must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. CST on March 10.

Medals of Merit are given to JEA members who have made significant contributions to scholastic journalism. JEA members are encouraged to nominate deserving individuals. Several awards may be presented each year.

The Carl Towley Award is JEA’s highest honor and is presented to a JEA member whose work is unusually beneficial and of superior value to the national JEA and to scholastic journalism.

Nominate an individual for the Carl Towley Award. Include with the nomination form your letter of recommendation explaining your relationship with the nominee. Describe the candidate's effort to support JEA on a national, regional, state and/or local level, when applicable. Include nominee's involvement in local, state, regional or national scholastic journalism organizations and work done to improve scholastic journalism.

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Rising Star trophies are given to advisers who are in their first five years of advising a media program and have shown great dedication to scholastic journalism and have had success advising at least one media program. JEA members are encouraged to nominate deserving individuals.

The Journalism Education Association sponsors up to two $1,000 scholarships for education majors who intend to teach scholastic journalism. Each recipient must be a college junior, senior or master’s degree student in a program designed to prepare him/her for teaching at the secondary-school level. Current secondary-school journalism teachers who are in a degree program to improve their journalism teaching skills also are eligible.

Each recipient must complete the application and include the following:

  • A 250-word essay explaining his/her desire to teach high school journalism.
  • The answers to the three questions at the bottom of the application form.
  • Two recommendation letters, preferably from those who have firsthand knowledge of his/her work with student journalists, and
    College transcript(s) showing academic standing.

This award is given to a professional journalist, professional media outlet or other individual or group making a significant contribution to scholastic journalism. JEA members are encouraged to nominate worthy individuals or groups.

This award is given to administrators who have demonstrated support and dedication to journalism education. JEA members are encouraged to nominate worthy administrators. Support of student press rights is of particular value.

The winning administrator is encouraged to present or co-present a session at the Fall JEA/NSPA National High School Journalism Convention and give a five-minute speech at the adviser awards luncheon. Convention travel and lodging will be paid by JEA. In addition, the school’s journalism program will receive a $1,000 award.

Deadline: March 10

About the Award

The purpose of the Student Journalist Impact Award is to recognize a secondary school student (or a team of students who worked on the same entry) who, through the study and practice of journalism, has made a significant difference in his/her own life, the lives of others, the school he/she attends and/or the community in which he/she resides. (NOTE: This is not a scholarship competition. Do not send transcripts.)

This award is co-sponsored by the Journalism Education Association and the Quill and Scroll International Honorary Society for High School Journalists. The award recognizes secondary school students who, through the practice of journalism, have made a significant difference in the lives of others.

Entry Criteria

  • Teachers/advisers may nominate students or students may nominate themselves for this award. (More than one student per entry per school is permissible.)
  • The entry must be that of a secondary school student(s) whose teacher/adviser is a JEA member at the time it was published, broadcast or created.
  • The entry must be original student work and must have been published within two years preceding the deadline. Date of publication/production must be indicated.

Application Form

  • The entry will include URLs or PDF uploads of the article, series of articles (as it/they appeared in print), or multimedia that made the impact.
  • A narrative of at least 250 words explaining why the piece or series was produced and how the entry impacted the individuals, others, the school and/or community. Include, if any, media coverage that the entry generated in the community.
  • Three letters, uploaded as PDFs, attesting to the impact of the work from the adviser, a school administrator, professional journalist and/or member of the community (parent, student, resident). The impact of the work, not the author(s), should be the focus.

This award encourages junior high and middle school students to continue with journalistic studies in high school. This award will acknowledge and reward the work of junior high and middle school students. One overall winner and up to five runners-up, based on the amount of total entries, will be selected each year.

One nominee per school. The adviser must be a member of JEA.

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